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Welcome to GrowthOracle. If you are a coach, business advisor or consultant, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to try our business assessment tool on a business of your choosing at zero cost and with zero commitment on your part for 7 days. This sample assessment is valued at $497, and will deliver a 50+page report on any one business you choose to assess.

Although it is the engine room of our offering, this assessment is only part of what GrowthOracle has to offer to coaches, business advisors and consultants. GrowthOracle delivers a system that enables you to carry out several key functions. Check out the video on our home page to see exactly what it does or just read on…..

Firstly, it provides a detailed question set of up to 300 questions so that you don’t have to think about what you are going to ask a client or potential client in your first engagement. In fact, you can just send them a link to the confidential questionnaire and allow them to complete it themselves if you don’t have the time to engage directly, or if you get a feeling that the prospect is just looking for a free session with no intention to engage with you and all you have to offer. We have found that real prospective clients will take the time to answer the questions and that they will get value from the experience of looking inside their business. This can lead to a significant increase in income generating engagements for your practice.

Question Set - Business Assessment Tool


Secondly, it automatically scores the business based on best business practice and delivers a numerical score as well as direct feedback on each of 28 key areas of the business. The traffic light colours indicate what is urgent, what needs attention over time, and what is working fine and needs no immediate attention.

Sample Score Card - Business Assessment Tool


Thirdly, it assesses the answers provided by you or your downstream client and gives a detailed commentary based on the choices made and from the freeform answers given. The sample page below is just one of about 50 feedback pages contained in 28 core sections of the report. Remember – every report is different.

Sample Report Page - Business Assessment Tool

And if that is not enough, GrowthOracle also allows you to customize the Desktop interface and reports with your own brand and color scheme. This means the system, and the reports it produces, look like they are yours and not ours.

GrowthOracle - Business Assessment Tool


But what if you could also tailor the reports to include a proposal from you to fix what is broken or for you to mentor the downstream client? Well actually, it does exactly that too. You have full control of the content of the report and you can accept the content produced by our expert system, or you can modify or replace any text in minutes. Simply drop in your own content into the report before final compiling and delivery. You also have full control over the Report Cover so that it reflects your brand and your key message and not ours. Our brand does not appear on any reports you create for your clients.

And if you want to beef up any of our observations in the 28 segments of performance by adding your own wisdom and experience, you can do so with ease. We don’t think you will want to, as our comprehensive analysis should have you well covered, but it’s nice to know that the option is there.

From sending out of the questionnaire to your client, to delivery of a detailed assessment and written proposal back to the client, takes an average of just 90 minutes. And all this can take place without you ever meeting your client or prospect or without even having a telephone conversation with them. The 90 minutes taken is not 90 minutes of your time. It is the typical time it takes for your client to complete the questionnaire on his own. You can guide the client through the questionnaire if you prefer to work in this way, recording answers on any device.

Now think about how much time and money GrowthOracle will save you and how it will allow you to serve your clients better. Your best work now starts with the implementation – not the assessment – and you can get paid for both.

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Please note that the Free Trial is only available to coaches, business advisors or consultants. Please provide evidence of your business by way of a link to your website and your personal profile in the Name of Your Business field, when completing registration. Free trials are only available to verified business consultants and coaches. If you are a business owner we will be happy to refer you to a business coach or consultant in your area or you may use our stand alone product – – to carry out an examination of your business and obtain a detailed report about how it measures up to best business practice.

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