The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Business Consultants, Advisors and Coaches.

Sometimes old ideas are best. However, when you take an old idea that works and spin it into the 21st century, you can then deliver business transformation like never before. I am sure that everybody has heard of Mind Mapping, which was developed by Tony Buzan about 40 years ago. In short, he created a mechanism that allowed the recording of structured data, in a useful visual shorthand format, all on a single page. Tony still takes to the stage to talk about mind mapping and to convince people all over the world to adopt his invention.

What was once a mechanism for taking structured notes, or for summarizing large amounts of data onto a single page, has now been transformed into business applications that can work on any mobile or static computing device or smart phone. Many vendors of Mind Mapping software have seized the opportunity to create user-friendly applications that can help businesses to operate more efficiently, students to study more effectively, and business advisors and consultants to work smarter and deliver more value.

I first learned about mind mapping in College in 1984 and it was like a light bulb going off in my head. All at once, it was revealed to me how I could work smarter and get better results in my examinations. I have closely watched the evolution of mind mapping software and I do have my favorites amongst the many offerings that now exist in the market place. I particularly like the versions with a strong business focus, which can be easily used by business executives and consultants to run their businesses and practices in a more streamlined fashion. In fact, not only do I use Mind Mapping in my own Business Advisory practice, I also teach all of my clients how to use mind mapping to good effect in their businesses.

So what are the benefits of Mind Mapping for business consultants, advisors and coaches?

  • They provide a structured way of thinking that makes it easy to record client information
  • The more business focused versions, like MindGenius, provide a large suite of templates that can be used in your advisory practice including the following activities:
    • Business Strategy
    • Business Planning
    • Project Management
    • Project Plans for wide range of different project types
    • Marketing
    • Financial Planning
    • Sales
    • Compliance & Risk
    • Human Resource Management
    • Question Sets
    • Problem Solving
    • Brainstorming
    • Meeting Management
  • They provide a mechanism for skills transfer so that dependency relationships do not evolve on the part of the client
  • They are a superb method of sharing detailed or complex information and for gathering inputs from stakeholders
  • They allow you to teach effective command and control techniques and to show executives how to manage the entire business on a single page of pertinent information
  • Consultants can quickly take their IP and embed it into template Mind Maps and Question Sets that make the discovery process of any assignment extremely easy and repetitive.
  • Some Mind Mapping software can be used to generate Gaant chart and resource utilization views of projects as well as fulfilling most of the functions of project management software such as Microsoft Project or OpenProject.
  • Mind Mapping software is extremely good value and some free app versions can be downloaded onto many devices. MindGenius is available for a single user for a little over $200.

I remain enthusiastic about the benefits of Mind Mapping software and I have encouraged my daughter to turn Mind Mapping into a significant educational business, which serves students in Middle and High School with high quality course summaries in Mind Mapping format. I discuss Mind Mapping here to simply share what a great tool it can be for the wider consulting/advisory/ coaching community. I don’t receive affiliate income for talking about it here.

Niall Strickland