Systemize and Grow Rich.

Perhaps I am becoming a little bit cynical in my middle years but I have started to notice the increasing number of fellow consultants and coaches seeming to step out of their core consulting and coaching businesses to sell their systems for increasing the monetization of consulting or coaching practices. Does this mean that their core consulting or coaching practices are so lucrative that they want to share how they do it with the rest of us? Or is it newfound knowledge that they can make more money by selling their system again and again for higher prices than they ever achieved in their core practices? I call this phenomenon “systemize and grow rich”.

Perhaps I am being unfair. Maybe the vast majority of these systemizers do in fact add tremendous value to the consultants and coaches that buy their stuff. Personally, I have managed to resist the temptation to buy their dream systems so far, other than Dave Kerpen’s book, which is a good read. But is this an evolving trend wherein the internet provides a unique opportunity for knowledge owners and system developers to leverage their intellectual property in a way that increases their return on investment, while boosting the opportunity for regular consultants and coaches to add new clients at will and to charge higher prices than they have managed to do thus far?

I would prefer not to be judgmental about the systems on offer, because I have not personally tried them. However, I get a sneaky feeling that the real money is in the teaching of the systems and not in the consulting or coaching assignments. But I have been wrong before and no doubt will be wrong again. Here is a list of some of the system sellers in our space that I have been exposed to. If you take a look at them individually and research what they have to offer, perhaps you will come to your own conclusions about the value that they can bring to the table. Perhaps the right program will actually transform your business.


System Developer Program Offering

Bill Barren

Master of Enrollment – This program teaches coaches and consultants how to attract more clients and how to charge higher prices for everything they do. It uses a template for free consultations that seamlessly turn into enrollment conversations that land clients successfully and frequently.

Justin Livingstone and Callan Rush

Maximize Your Impact: The Optimized Webinar Sequence – This program teaches participants how to create, test, automate and optimize webinars so that they can attract large numbers of people to their teaching sessions and then successfully convert them into paying clients.

Lisa Sasevich

Boost Your Sales – This program teaches participants how to significantly increase their sales and revenues from teleseminars, webinars or presentations on the stage. She shows participants how to create an irresistible offers that converts large numbers of attendees, at free training sessions both online and on stage, into paying clients.

Christian Mickelsen

Free Sessions That Sell – This program teaches coaches and consultants how to develop a series of steps and language to leverage free initial sessions with potential clients to ensure they convert into clients in large numbers.

Josh Turner

Linked Selling – This program teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals how to create their own channel in LinkedIn and Facebook and to use their new found “authority” status to generate appointments that convert into paying clients.

Ryan Levesque

Ask Method Masterclass – This program teaches participants how to create quizzes to entice people to engage with you through your website of social media and become a subscriber to your list during the process. It allows participants to gather information about their subscribers and to use this to create tailored products that satisfy the subscribers’ greatest challenges or frustrations.

Dave Kerpen

The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want! – This one is strictly speaking not a program but a book. Kerpen is listed as a LinkedIn Influencer and his recent book showcases his take on how anyone can win more clients by using his recommended people skills. It’s a modern day version of “How to win friends and influence people”. Kerpen offers a range of services through his LikeableLocal brand.

Michael Zipursky

Consulting Success – Zipursky claims to be an Expert in helping consultants and coaches to attract more clients and increase their fees. His program teaches participants how to ask clients the right questions at the right time. This helps to uncover a client or prospect’s most urgent needs, the underlying issues, and what’s most important to them.

Luke Charlton

Unstoppable Coaching Leads – This program offers a 3-Step System to attract 10 money-loaded prospects every month who always want to invest in your coaching services. It recommends using Charlton’s system to identify and convert leads generated from Facebook advertising/profiling into a large numbers of paying clients.

Daphny Oregon

Conducting Powerful Seminars to Grow Your Consulting Business – This program teaches participants how to get more long-term value from conducing seminars and workshops using Certified Business Consultant (CBC) training programs.


Niall Strickland