Role for Politics In Small and Medium Businesses.

This week I decided to publish a video I shot a couple of years ago on the topic of the role for politics in small and medium businesses. It features my own experience of political maneuvering in the corporate world as well as some of my views on how appropriate politicking is in modern day businesses. This topic still has currency today and the video serves as a reminder of the damage it can do within a business. It runs to just over 4 minutes, and in my opinion, it is worth viewing. Politics in Business? – Click here to view

As management consultants and business advisors, we often see executives displaying the trappings of power and occasionally playing political games. It can sometimes get in the way as we try to do our jobs. So, do you simply ignore it and continue as if it is something that does not exist, or do you bring it to the attention of your project sponsor in the hope that the issue can be addressed fairly and openly?

This issue needs to be handled with care and the messenger may risk getting shot. If politics is pervasive in a client’s business, it may be impossible to bring about the necessary cultural change unless the CEO listens well, he is open to constructive criticism, and is prepared to learn and change. Unfortunately, this will not always be the case. If the consultant displays tact and sensitivity, then he may be able to get the message across without it appearing to be a personal attack on the business and/or its leadership.

Get to know your client before deciding whether to raise the issue or not. If it is likely to be material to the outcome of your project, then you cannot avoid raising it. If it is peripheral to your project goals, and you know the CEO will not want to hear it, it may be best not to prod the sleeping dragon.

If you have any views on this topic, please share them in a comment.

Niall Strickland
CEO GrowthOracle