GrowthOracle Benefits

GrowthOracle Benefits for Business Consultants and Advisors

GrowthOracle Benefits - Get More Client

Get More Clients

Use GrowthOracle to build a solid pipeline of business so that clients will be queuing up to work with you. It will help you to avoid unproductive free sessions, cut down on administration and analysis time, and deliver your knowledge and skills more effectively to more clients.

GrowthOracle Benefits - Boost Your Income

Boost Your Income

Instead of giving away free coaching or consulting, use GrowthOracle to astonish prospects with your rapid and deep insight into their businesses. This will not only deliver more clients, but it will also allow you to maximise the income you make from each client relationship.

GrowthOracle Benefits - Lower Your Cost

Lower Your Costs

Truncate the initial engagement, client assessment and written recommendation process with each prospect or client into just 90 minutes. Screen every new prospect at the outset and avoid time wasters and tire kickers. Time saved is money saved.

Clear Road Map Delivered in just 90 Minutes

GrowthOracle Benefits - Clear Roadmap

GrowthOracle is available for a fixed monthly fee and you may use it on an unlimited number of prospects and clients. The more you use it the more you save. Some of its key features include:

  • It takes just 90 minutes of your client’s time and virtually none of your time to complete
  • No long-term contract. You can take it for one month at a time
  • Fixed monthly fee so no surprises
  • No limit to the number of clients/prospects you can put through the system
  • Secure login to your own dashboard
  • Use it from any device anywhere
  • Guide your clients through the questionnaire or simply send them login details so that they can complete your own-branded questionnaire online.
  • Up to 300 individual questions that automatically scores your client in 28 key performance areas
  • Benchmarks performance against observed best business practices
  • Produces detailed reports, which you can configure with your own brand, as well as the recommended steps you propose to implement for your client
  • Delivers CSV file with full question set and answers given by each client so that you can easily stay on top of their business issues


What happens when you subscribe?

  • We will send you your personal login and password to allow you to access your secure dashboard.
  • We will explain how the system works and show you how to insert your business details and logo/brand.
  • We will show you how to set up a new prospect or client and how to access the question set for each individual client.
  • We will show you how to run each of the reports available from the system and how they may be customized to form proposals or work plans for your clients.

That’s it! It’s intuitive and simple. And in the unlikely event that you need further help, we have a dedicated email address where you can get rapid assistance.

GrowthOracle Benefits - Risk Free Trial