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Niall Strickland - Business Coach, Management Consultant & Author

Naturally, you will want to learn about us before you try our product. Niall Strickland is the designer and creator of GrowthOracle. He has spent more than 35 years analyzing businesses, first as a corporate banker, and then as an independent management consultant and business coach. He is an MBA with significant international business experience, having worked for significant periods in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland as well as for shorter periods in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

One of the challenges he recognized as a business consultant was the fact that the profession has a cap on earnings for smaller practices; and that it is difficult to breach the earnings ceiling without adding more and more business analysts to the team. This can be a risky strategy unless there is a large pipeline of assignments queued up for the business. And even then, it takes a lot of work to keep filling the pipeline, and particularly so during the last few years when the economy has been slowly recovering from recession.

Like most consultants and coaches, Niall also found that a lot of his time was taken up with get-to-know-you meetings and administrative tasks such as documenting client meetings, benchmarking, report writing, and proposal generation. This further erodes our ability as business advisors to maximize earnings because we often only get paid for client facing time.

In fact, Niall got so frustrated with these limitations that he decided to do something about the situation. He decided to analyze the entire consulting process as well as the progression through assignments that tended to be common in structure, if not in content. He also documented best business practices observed in large multi-national corporations as well as high performing small and medium businesses around the world.

From this collection of information, Niall designed GrowthOracle so that it could serve his consulting practice and automate the vast majority of administrative tasks, which were simply a cost to the business.

This led to the development of GrowthOracle, which automates the management consulting process and asks all the questions that might be asked by a management consultant in a direct engagement. This has been truncated down into a 90-minute secure questionnaire. It deliberately avoids asking detailed financial questions so that those taking the questionnaire don’t have to worry about giving away their confidential or sensitive information in an online environment, even though the entire system is encrypted.

To compensate for this, GrowthOracle was designed to deliver a financial analysis model that can be completed by the downstream clients for their own private use while offline. This financial analysis model confirms the underlying performance of a business and validates the content of the report generated by our intelligent analysis engine. Clients can choose whether or not to share the financial information gleaned from the financial analysis model with the consultant.

Unlike a purely financial analysis model, which only looks at the financial impact of actions taken in a business, GrowthOracle actually looks at those actions and determines whether they are good or bad for the business. After all, financial results are simply the residual effect of decisions taken by managers in a business.

In 2015, Niall decided to make GrowthOracle available to other business consultants, advisors and coaches and designed a new version, which allows users to add, amend or delete any content in the comprehensive report delivered by the system. This new version also allows GrowthOracle to be deployed under a consultant’s own brand, while allowing the inclusion and integration of the consultant’s own knowledge and IP into the reporting module. This fast tracks the client acquisition process as well as shortening the cycle for every consulting assignment.

Time saved is more money in the consultant’s pocket or more time for family and leisure activities. The only choice you have to make is more money or more fun!

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