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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool

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GrowthOracle: Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool
Take Your Consulting/Coaching Business to New Heights!

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As a management consultant, business advisor or business coach the number of clients you take on and the amount of money you make is limited by the time you spend at work.

There are only so many hours in a day … only so much time for you to put together an accurate assessment of client needs and then present a coherent step-by-step plan to improve an individual client’s business and life …

Add in client prospecting, administrative work and more … and the amount of time you have to make real money can be extremely limited.

But what if you were able to automate the client assessment and planning process and condense it down into just a 90-minute period?

How much would your business grow? How many more clients could you see? How much would your income increase? How much more time flexibility would you have?

Introducing GrowthOracle – The Business Analysis &
Benchmarking Tool for Coaches, Business
Advisors and Consultants

Hello, my name is Niall Strickland MBA and I have 35 years of international business experience in banking and management consulting.

When I started my own independent consulting business, I went through the same growing pains that you are going through now … and I got as frustrated with those growing pains as you are probably feeling right now. In fact, I got so frustrated that I decided to do something about the situation.

I created GrowthOracle, a cloud-based software program that allowed me to:

  • Win more clients
  • Make more money
  • And grow my business

It can do the same for you. In fact, this program will allow you to easily work with 3 times the number of clients that you are currently – that means it could allow you to earn 3 times what you are making now!

But what that’s not all, this program improves your conversion rate and allows you to drive down the cost of client acquisition – boosting your income even more!

How GrowthOracle Works:

Your clients or prospects are given a comprehensive online questionnaire that takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. They can save their progress and take the questionnaire over a period of time if they want.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, GrowthOracle immediately analyzes their answers and delivers a comprehensive yet very easy-to-follow 50 to 70 page report that reveals:

  • How their business is performing in 28 key areas right now
  • How they stack up against industry best practices AND their best competitors
  • And what they can do to maximize profits in the future
  • The report even includes a “traffic light system” that identifies what needs immediate action, what needs to be done when there is time, and what can be left alone for now because it is working perfectly well

There’s no faster or easier way to get a full 360 degree view of a business!

GrowthOracle Will Transform Your Business

It will allow you to produce a detailed written assessment of a business along with a transformation road map at a truly astonishing speed.

You can use this program to:

  • Make more money in less time – use the extra time to get more clients or to spend with your family or pursuing a hobby!
  • Dramatically slash the time you are currently spending on client assessments!
  • Put an end to unpaid sessions at the pre-engagement stage!
  • Increase the number of prospects you turn into paying clients!
  • Filter out “tire kickers” from the prospects with whom you can do your best work at a much earlier stage!
  • Get more referrals from existing and new clients due to the speed and efficiency with which you can identify problems and put tailored solutions in place!
  • Focus more of your time and attention on solving client problems and helping them to breakthrough!
  • Quit spending days working on written reports or proposals for clients!
  • And much more

Plus, GrowthOracle will allow you to:

  • Collect information on any device from anywhere!
  • Customize the report and your proposals with your own brand and style!
  • Easily add in your own content so that each report reflects your personal experience and knowledge and anything else you want, such as your biography, your proposal, your rate card, your call to action and more!
Try GrowthOracle Now Risk-Free!

Here’s the deal: Simply click on the button below, register and we will send you a code to access GrowthOracle and use it to conduct an assessment of any business of your choosing at zero cost and with zero commitment on your part.

This sample assessment is valued at $497, and will deliver a 50+page report on any one business that you choose to assess.

We are confident if you try GrowthOracle you will quickly see that it will save you time and money and allow you to serve your clients much, much better.

Armed with GrowthOracle, you’ll be able to focus your attention on implementation – not the assessment – but you’ll get paid for both!

Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool Risk Free Trial

Should you choose to purchase GrowthOracle after the free trial, there is no risk then either.

You can use our cloud-based software for a whole week without risking a cent. See for yourself the power of this software. If you’re not completely convinced that it is right for you, just ask for a refund. We are delighted to offer you a thirty-day money-back guarantee because we think you’ll never want to part with GrowthOracle once you’ve got it. No one has ever asked for a refund. Ever!

GrowthOracle also comes with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

This is a subscription service and you may cancel at the end of any month in the unlikely event that you no longer want to use GrowthOracle.

So don’t delay, take our risk-free trial now!

Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool Risk Free Trial

Look at What Others Are Saying About This Program:

I am the CEO of Roos Consulting, a New York based firm of Strategic Business Advisors. For the last 25 years I have been looking for a business analysis & benchmarking software tool that would help me quickly assess the strategic and the tactical operations inside an organization. GrowthOracle addresses all of those needs for me in a very easy to use and succinct way. It has helped me to be able to quickly get into each department and assess and then come up with very specific strategic plans and a roadmap for those departments to be able to quickly get the results that they need. This tool is amazing for management consultants and coaches because it provides a very specific tactical roadmap that every consultant or coach can use in helping their clients take their businesses to the next level.
Larendee Roos, Partner, The Roos Cohen Group
“I am an accountant by profession (CPA ) and trade under the name ARP Financial Services in Perth, Australia. I have in excess of 30 years experience having worked in Public Practice, Corporate and Commerce. I spent a number of years working for Ernst & Young in their Business and Management Consulting Divisions where I gained invaluable knowledge and experience.
I recently set up Health Check For Businesses in Australia as a sole proprietor with the intention of assisting small businesses reach their full potential and goals. I was extremely fortunate to come across Niall Strickland’s product GrowthOracle, a business analysis & benchmarking software tool, which allows me to present to all my clients an initial questionnaire that assesses the state of their businesses.
The GrowthOracle system then interprets the answers and presents meaningful reports, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses within each business. The big advantage for me is the accuracy of the reports, the time it saves me in getting the answers I am looking for, as well as presenting a professional report to my clients. I thank you Niall for providing us business coaches with such an important tool at an affordable price. Your contribution towards making my business a success is invaluable. I am extremely thankful and, without any hesitation, would suggest to all business coaches around the world that they subscribe to GrowthOracle and make use of it to allow them to rapidly grow their advisory businesses.”
Alan Paiker, CPA, Perth, Australia
“I’m a chartered certified accountant and Managing Partner of CKA & Associates. Financial analysis of businesses is part of our stock and trade but this is only one part of gaining an understanding of what makes a business successful or not. How the business is managed is the other key component of success. Up until now, this type of business intelligence could only be gathered by directly interviewing senior executives in a business. With the introduction of GrowthOracle on the market, this type of business intelligence can be gathered quickly and simply by consultants and coaches without ever meeting the client face-to-face and in less than 90 minutes. The entire process is quick and painless for all parties and reduces our costs significantly”
Greg Colclough, Managing Partner, CKA & Associates
“I am managing partner of Proactive Executive Services, a business coaching and management consulting firm. I was very surprised at the accuracy of the reports received from GrowthOracle. They were on the money in terms of identifying the areas of weaknesses within the businesses we put through the system and it clearly put a traffic light warning signal against the areas that needed to be improved upon. It was able to cut to the chase quite quickly and deliver a framework we could work within and identify areas to improve going forward. In my opinion – it is very good value for money.”
John Costigan, Managing Partner, Proactive Executive Services
“I run a small coaching and counseling business as a solopreneur. There are not many tools available to individuals like me that can short-circuit some of the work involved in getting to know and understand the business of a new client as well as the challenges she faces. I was delighted to discover GrowthOracle, which now helps me to accelerate the client assessment and program development process. The most tangible benefit for me has been the time saving it generates which allows me to concentrate on delivering many more high value programs than I was able to deliver prior to discovering this fantastic business analysis and benchmarking software tool.”
Kevin Kinahan, Proprietor, Kevin Kinahan & Associates
“I’ve been a business lending banker and business advisor for more than 30 years. I have used GrowthOracle to analyze the businesses of some of my clients and I have to say that the results generated by GrowthOracle have consistently matched my own assessment of the businesses concerned. If you think of the cost of hiring a consultant and the time it would take for them to manually complete and present an in-depth study of a business, it’s a much more time and cost effective alternative.”
Patrick Errity, Lending Banker

Business Analysis and Benchmarking Tool Risk Free Trial